Saturday, 18 February 2012

Free motion quilting

So, latley I came across this bloggy :

And I was totally inspired to do some of this free motion stuff myself, it looked so pretty and Leah makes it look so easy in her instructional videos xD
I have now learnt that it is not as easy as she makes it look!
I promptly got some scraps of fabric together and had a go! My first attempts were so bad I am ashamed to show them. But here are a few that look not totally horrendous:

The stippling above was the most fun, though I think I did it a bit small, and it was quite intense trying to see where I was going

This one is a clover design, this is about my 5th attempt at it - but once I'd mastered the basic shapes it was nice to do :]

This one is my favorite just for the way it looks - it looks really pretty and wasn't hard either, this is actually my first attempt :D
I think I am definatly going to try and find a place on a quilt for this design, maybe one for my sister, I think she'd like it.
Below is a close-up:

Then i got carried away and made a coaster :] though I made one crucial mistake! I used the blue thread for stitching the binding >.<

So then I got all excited and bought some great fabric (bramble patch sale... I only bought one thing at sale price! oops!) hometown by moda - i bought some with writing on with different words for home, and some swirly antique looking writing. Really pretty.
And I set to work making some more coasters, this time as a present for my friends who are getting married on the 29th :]
It took me about 5 days to make them all but I'm pretty pleased with most of them, some of my corners leave a bit to be desired, but I'm hoping they wont notice or care! I did so many that i ran out of material (I bought 2 fat quaters), I chose the best 4 (most of them were horrible, it took a while to work out how wide the borders should be - as the one on the blue was just too thin) and wrapped them all up nicely and ready to go to them :]
Here they are:
 I had some pretty ribbon to wrap them all in :] (ignore my horrible table)
 Then i sewed a small button in the middle :] I think it looks really cute, I used metallic thread to do the stippling with

Thanks for reading :]

starrie x

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  1. Not only a fine guitarist but an artiste as well...
    These are all beautiful, starrie. I'm proud of ya!