Thursday, 15 March 2012

Cuteness :]

So, following my experimenting in free motion quilting I was trying to think of what to do for my friend. She is pregnant with a little boy :] It's very excting but my other friend had already made her a quilt/blankie for him.
So I was really puzzled, because I had already bought the *cutest* little boy fleecy fabric that I was dying to use lol. 
So I did what i usually do when I'm stuck for ideas. I trawled the internet xD I looked at Malini's blog -> and saw her great baby changing mat :] and got some inspiration for what I did for her. It's a changing mat that I added a little strip at the top so it can be rolled up and put in a bag or something, so it's portable :]
I used the free motion stippling and I really enjoyed quilting this, it was really relaxing not to have to worry about the lines, and just go with the flow! The only bad thing was that I only bought one reel of quilting thread  in the brown and I nearly ran out - it was so tight at the end, especially since I had a couple of issues with the needle and tension at the start, and I threw a lot of it away! Next time I have learnt my lesson and I will be buying *two* even if I don't need them! Hehe.
My friend hasn't seen it yet (I'm waiting for her baby shower), but everyone who has keeps telling me it's too cute to change a baby on.. Which kinda defeats the object!!

Here's some pics:
 Oh and I forgot, I made her a little building block too, I'm hoping to make a few more of varying sizes for him, but not sure if they are good enough to give to her!
This is a shot of the finished product, the front side, where I did blocks, and below is the back where it was one fabric :]
 Below are two close ups of my quilting and the edges :] On reflection I should have done a bigger stipple with more space inbetween it,  but it worked out okay because if it is a changing mat it needs to be quite stiff and it should hold up in the wash xD hehe

Thanks for reading

starrie x


  1. Welcome to blogland! I can't believe you are so new at free motion quilting - your quilting is wonderful. On your previous post you showed a flower type of free motion quilting that was pretty amazing too. I like the size of stippling you chose for the baby mat. I prefer smaller stippling on small projects as it suits the scale. Great work!

    1. :] thank you for the welcome and your kind comments - they are really appreciated! and you are my first *ever* follower, i will be forever grateful :]
      I've still got a few projects I need to upload, but hopefully I will have the time to.
      I really like your quilts too. Especially the UFO for your daughter :] the colours are really pretty - I'm just too shy to leave comments >.> sorry.