Saturday, 31 March 2012

A day of crafty :]

Today I was off work, being my weekend off, and I promised myself that I was going to have a relaxing day to myself - and I managed to achieve that :]

I made a matching pillowcase for my jelly roll quilt :
 Sorry for the mess on the bed - I dont have a lot of space in my flat so it's used as extra space to work at xD
 This is a close up of the back side, I only had 2 smaller widths of fabric left, so I had to sew them together, then I had the idea of over stitching a bit of left over binding down the middle. I think it looks okay. Better than a join down the middle.
 These two are pictures of it all on my bed :] I really like it, it seems really summery, even though its freezing here today! I can't wait till it's hot and I can just use it on its own. (again sorry for messy room)

I also decided to make my easter pressies today. Sounds weird, but my mum is on a cholesterol lowering diet so she can't have chocolate eggs, my sister is on a diet and I am trying to be healthy! So I was in the haberdashery shop in the village and I found not only do they sell fabric and wool, but also felt xD I was very excited by this prospect and promptly bought 6 sheets along with some of her new range of buttons and some broach backs. 
Armed with these supplies and my flower book I made these this afternoon:
 I have to say that the pictures dont do them justice! I'm going to see if I can take some better ones. The top one is turquoise and purple. Dark purple. It just doesn't look like it...
 These two seem okay :] they are the cutest to me, and the blue one will be going to my little sister and the red/pink one to my Mum :] I hope they will enjoy them. As for me, I'm going to keep the purple one as it didn't quite turn out as I wanted!
And now, as for me, I am off to rest, before I start my sister's birthday present tomorrow xD

thanks for reading

starrie x

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