Thursday, 19 April 2012

19th June 2012... The challenge!

So I started another new project... I know i probably have wayy too many on at the same time, but I did finish my jelly roll quilt - which has been very useful since the heating hasn't been on in this house very much!

This project is the first (big thing, im not counting the baby shower gifts) that has a time limit for completing.. Not sure how that will go down. I usually  like to do things at my own pace and time - which means they take forever! lol. Her 21st birthday present was a scrapbook of photos of us and our family in the recent years... Her birthday is the 19th of June... She actually got it on christmas day! (the one after, not before) so this shows how bad i am at actually completing things on time! So Im really setting myself a big challenge here!
 But so far I cut it all out, and im on row 8 out of 14. It's cath kidston fabric that came in a fat 1/4 pack. She says she likes it - but im not entirely convinced by the bright reds with everything else. 
Im going to do it like my other cath kidston creation and do a block in the middle with the squares and then 2 borders. This one is going to have a block of the fat quater fabric in each corner. So a small 1" border, then a bigger, 3 1/2" border with the blocks as the corners. I think this one will all depend on which fabrics i get for the borders/binding. So im hoping to take my aunt with  me as she has really good colour sense - something which i seem to have very little of!
Here it is all layed out:

 Below is a close up of the fabrics. I still think that the red stands out too  much. But i tired to keep it out of the center so there are 2 stripes nad it is not so prominent. I guess if she doesnt like it i can keep it... No biggie... If anyone stumbles across this.. please let me know what you think! I need help! 

 Thanks for reading,

starrie  :]


  1. This is really pretty! Personally I like the red and I like where you have placed it some zing :o)

    1. :] thanks so much, you've eased my mind a little now. Still got to see how it comes out, now Im sewing it together it stands out less too. I appreciate your comment :]