Friday, 30 March 2012

Jelly Roll part 2

Today I planned to just post about my Jelly Roll quilt, but in my blog feed was this:
I think it's really interesting and I then spent the next hour leafing through various other peoples blogs and comments about stuff - to me it's kind of sad in various ways and now I'm really scared to sell anything that I might make. Though I doubt anyone would buy it!
So I guess I need to say (or don't need to say? I have no idea now) that this quilt was designed with Terrain by Kate Spain for Moda Jelly Roll!

It's finished :D
I spent all of my day off on tuesday quilting it - it was a fab day off :] away from everyone just quilting. 
My actual stitches aren't amazing, but considering it's the first big(ish) quilt I have quilted on my machine - it was hard to manoeuve, just because my table isn't big enough! When I had it rolled up long ways it draped onto the floor and pulled it. So i ended up with chairs all around me in this weird kinda half circle catching the quilt so it didn't pull too much! Looked insane, but did work :]
So here is my "in progress" photo for the free motion quilting
 I think it looks pretty funky :] and I really found it very relaxing

 There are are couple of close up photos of my stitching, in the pretty thread that i got :]

Some of it was quite uneven, but overall I'm really proud of it and the effect that it makes on the texture of the quilt. I'm addicted to the feel of things, if they don't feel nice, I can't have them anywhere near me. But this feels so nice, because it's all 100% cotton, and the stippling makes certain areas raised and some not  xD it's great.
 This is the finished article :]

And below, my attempt at arty-farty photo taking to show the binding and backing more clearly

I had great fun making this quilt - and tomorrow I am making a matching pillow case with the pink fabric. And also some little gifts that are an experiment, so we will see how they turn out :]

thanks for reading

starrie x

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  1. Love your Jelly Roll race quilt. The moda terrain fabrics just look so great for this pattern. I have been thinking of making one too. May be when I feel some fabric would be right for this. I will do it :-).